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For your contemplation...


"World Peace begins when you decrease your own volume." ~ Jerry Matteo

It can be challenging trying to quiet the mind while within the chaos of this world experience.
This world chaos is the reflection of the inner mental chaos of your ego.

To become aware of the truth about your life and your true nature, you must step outside of your mind.
You must direct your focus to the quiet place within where divine consciousness dwells.

There-in resides the truth.
Live life from this place and you will know peace.


The following statements are provided for your contemplation.
The intention is to provide various starting points from which you can begin the journey to Self-awareness.

Ultimately... it is you and you alone who can and will uncover and "Realize" the truth of who you are.





"If the world could be transformed by transforming one mind... would you do it?" ~ Jerry Matteo







"Everything outside of you is a reflection of your projection shaped by your perception."
~ Jerry Matteo





"If you can see yourself in all others who could you harm?" ~ Buddha







"By focusing on the positive changes you can make within your self,
ultimately you create a positive effect in the world."
~ Jerry Matteo







"Love is always where your heart is." ~ Jerry Matteo





"Beware of sadness, it can hit you, it can hurt you make you sore and what is more
that is not what you are here for." ~ George Harrison





"Your ignorance has no effect on the truth, only on your perception of it." ~ Jerry Matteo





"The condition of your present life is the result of all of your previous thoughts and actions...
your future relies solely on how you create today."
~ Jerry Matteo


"Remember... You ARE Divine Consciousness and Love is your instrument of creation.
Keep this in your mind and live from your heart and the "law of attraction" will bring you miracles."
~ Jerry Matteo





"The natural state of the heart and mind MUST be opened...
Why else would it hurt so much to keep them closed?"
~ Jerry Matteo





"The possessions your ego values are actually empty receptacles." ~ Jerry Matteo





"If everything you owned was suddenly gone, what would be left? Your body?
That too is a possession. So who are you?" ~ Jerry Matteo



"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Mohandas Gandhi



"The infinite universe outside is a reflection of your infinite Divine Self within."
"You cannot change who you are. You CAN change how you be-have."
~ Jerry Matteo



"It doesn't matter how beautiful your dream is... If your bed is on fire you need to wake up."
~ Jerry Matteo



"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Viewing reality from your ego feeds the illusion separating you from what is real."
~ Jerry Matteo



"The Sun never rises and the Sun never sets; its true nature is that it continuously beams its light.
The illusion of its daily birth and death is something created by your ego mind.
It is this same illusion that keeps you in this birth/death cycle and unaware of your true everlasting nature."
~ Jerry Matteo



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