Oneness Remembered

Programs and Events

A Night To Remember

3 Hour Preview

Intention: To offer a preview of the "Oneness Remembered" program.

Enjoy a wonderful evening of Self-study and contemplation as you explore who you are and examine how you perceive yourself.
You are invited to embrace a shift in paradigm.
Examine your connection [relationship] with every part of your life experience, as opposed to living in the "illusion of separatism".

As in all of the "Oneness Remembered" programs, you will examine the properties of the Law of Attraction.
You will also explore how you can utilize the law in a more spiritually conscious manner.
The truth is, you've been using this law every moment of your life [whether you are aware of it or not].
You will examine how [through your ego-mind's limiting, preconceived comparisons and judgments] you tend to isolate yourself.
You will examine how you have unconsciously altered and shaped your experience of life into itís current state.
Being Self-aware means acknowledging your unlimited divine "Oneness".
Remember, you possess the innate ability to instantly recreate and manifest a life experience that is "spiritually harmonious".

YOU are the creator of your life experience.
The Law of Attraction is one of your divine attributes.
You have the "ability" to create in a spiritually conscious way.
It is also your "divine responsibility" to do so.

[This is a donation based event open to all. Any donations to support the program are graciously accepted.]

[See Schedule of Events or call (805) 637-2269 for details]

Oneness Remembered

7 - Day Retreat

Intention: This is an intensive "Self-study" program where you may examine and experience your Self from a place of Oneness.

This context of Oneness, is being aware of your connection with everyone and everything outside of you.
You will examine how you alter the quality of your "life experience" by living in the "illusion of separatism".

By transforming your self perception to that of "causation", you will transform your experience of life.

You will examine your primary-relationship [your relationship with your higher Self].
You will have an opportunity to reveal to yourself how YOU shape all of your other relationships.
You will see how you create the foundation upon which your entire life experience is based.

You will examine the differences between your limited "ego-mind" and your unlimited "Divine Consciousness".
You will reveal to yourself how the quality of your life experience is merely a "reflection" directly related to how you see yourself.
See how changes manifested in the world outside of you are a mirror to the changes that you make within you.

[Prerequisite for all participants: Must be 18 years of age or older and complete "Registration Form"]
[Fee Includes meals, lodging and event.]

[See Schedule of Events or call (805) 637-2269 for details.]

Oneness Remembered

Couples 3 - Day Weekend

Intention: To serve as means for you to improve the quality of your relationship[s].

Expanding upon the 7- day program, you will study in depth the concept of "Relationship" in the context of "Oneness".

You will examine further, your primary-relationship [your relationship with your higher Self].
You will also explore ALL of your other relationships [not just with your "significant other"].
You have an opportunity to discover how all of your relationships are actually "Mirrors" reflecting significant aspects of yourself.

You will examine how the ego-mind's limited view of relationship is trapped in the illusion of duality and multiplicity.
You will see how living in this illusion of separation causes feelings of fear, attachment, jealousy, loss through death, etc.

Whereas the ego seeks among the many others to find the "The One" which will complete itself...
The One is aware that the "others" are the many reflections of it's "Complete" Self.

The truth is... You are "The One" you have been searching for.
There is no "other"... Only You.

[Prerequisite: Oneness Remembered 7- Day Retreat and Completion of "Registration Form"]
[Fee Includes meals, lodging and event.]

[See Schedule of Events or call (805) 637-2269 for details.]

Oneness Remembered

Family 7- Day Retreat

Intention: To support you to maintain your Self-awareness while viewing relationship from within the context of "Family Oneness".

The ego perceives through the illusion of separatism and creates disharmony in one's self.
It's limited perception of relationship likewise, creates separation and dysfunction within the family unit.
When the ego uses this inferior template to create structure in society, it inevitably creates a hierarchical faux pas.

You will study the roles of "parent" and "child" in a way which creates unity and harmony, as opposed to separation and conflict.
You will examine how [as a parent] your children are in fact, a significant part of "Yourself".
You will also examine how [as a child] your parents are in fact, a significant part of "Yourself" as well.

The context of "Family Oneness" is a mirror reflecting the unity of individual aspects of yourself.
By expanding your vision of relationship to include everyone, you will see how this "global family" also serves as a self-reflection.

The next stage is to expand this vision of Oneness beyond every person and include everything in the physical universe.
This physical universe is the "universal mirror" reflecting the harmony of all aspects of your "Divine Self."

[Prerequisite for parent/s: Previous completion of "Oneness Remembered 7- Day Retreat"]
[Prerequisite for all participants: Completion of "Registration Form"]
[Fee Includes meals, lodging and event.]

[See Schedule of Events or call (805) 637-2269 for details.]