Oneness Remembered Academy

This section is for inter-linking with others who support living within a spiritual "Oneness" consciousness.
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Breathe for Peace

There is only one of us...

This project is inspired by the realization that there is no other.
We are more then connected - we are one being.
Living oneness is the adventure that lies before us.

Dances of Universal Peace International

The Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations are spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration.


"Being LOVE and sharing it with the world...
one hug at a time." ~ Jerry Matteo


George Harrison

"Floating down the stream of time, from life to life with me"

George Harrison

Heaven Sent Massage

Supporting integration of "Body, Mind and Spirit"
through intuitive massage &
Spiritual Self-Awareness facilitation


"Clothing designed with LOVE in mind"

ART BY OCEANNA wild, surges of color. Untamed, uninhibited, explosive brush strokes...ride on the pure weave of raw, Belgian linen.
Pulling up from below, figures emerge, ascending, aspiring to
New Octaves of Awareness. Masks fall away.
Geometries generate accelerated principles of movement
órevealing openings to Greater Cause and Purpose.
Now the Soul is Freed to Fly.
Enter are welcome here!

positive focus

MISSION: To cultivate and promote a positive outlook that inspires and supports millions of people to live a more fulfilled life.

Quail Springs

A working farm dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments and to facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves and one another through immersive experiences in nature.

Talismanic Idols

Supporting spiritual shift in counsciousness through filmmaking.

view the film Kymatica

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

A global network of people and communities committed to living and teaching NVC to resolve conflict and meet the needs of all people.

The Alcatraz Conversion Project

The Alcatraz Conversion Project is a consciousness-raising project in alignment with the indigenous people's perspective that Alcatraz Island is sacred land.
The Material World Charitable Foundation

Quantum University

Nassim Haramein

The Resonance Project Foundation

Dedicated to the unification of all sciences and philosophies emerging from a complete and applied view of the physics underlying the wheelworks of nature.

Whole Earth Community Awareness Network

Serving our Community... Preserving our Environment


Dan Winter

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