Oneness Remembered
Jerry Matteo, Spiritual Awareness Facilitator
"The most important thing in your life... is how you show up in it."

"During my early years as a child, I've had a sense of mySELF and I felt a connection of "Oneness" with my new surroundings. Silently, without language, I had a sense of being one with all I experienced. I was taught a different language by those around me. It was through this language I was told things about myself, this thing called God, and the world. Although their intentions were good, I sensed something incongruous between what was being told to me and that which I naturally felt within. Their version of who I am, who God is and their view of the world, seemed foreign. The more I learned from them, the more my experience of life became something different from what it once was. I had disconnected from what I naturally knew inside. I began seeking outside of myself for answers to critical questions. Questions such as, "Who am I? What am I? How did I get here? and What am I suppose to be doing?" Where I once felt balanced and at peace, I soon had a feeling of something missing in my life.

Thus began my journey to rediscover mySelf. I needed to re-cognize the truth about who I am. I wanted, through my own Self-Awareness, to again be able to communicate from the heart. I wanted to be able to share with others, the unspoken natural knowing I originally experienced coming into this world.

For over 50 years I've explored my life and this world, to learn the truth about God, spirituality and myself. I've examined different world religions and participated in various self-exploration groups. My travels throughout India provided intense contemplation and examination of my inner-Self and my connection with the outside world. This focused work in India had consolidated the many lessons I've learned during my life journey. As a result, my spiritual path had led me back to my-Self and remembering the "Oneness".

About The Programs

When I share about my journey and realizations, I am in fact sharing and reinforcing it within myself. This context of "Oneness" is the basis of the programs I have designed. My intention with my programs is not to teach you anything or to change you. The programs create an environment for you to reflect upon who you are and to remember your true Self. During the "Oneness Remembered" programs you will explore who you are and how you are spiritually connected to everything outside of you. You are invited to embrace a shift in paradigm. Rather than living in the "illusion of separatism" you will examine your connection [relationship] with every part of your life experience. You will examine how you isolate yourself and unconsciously alter your experience through your ego's preconceived comparisons and judgments. You will examine how you can maintain being Self-aware and remember your "divine oneness". You have an opportunity to observe how you have shaped your life into it's current state and remember that you possess the innate ability to recreate your life in a "spiritually conscious" manner.

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