Oneness Remembered
Jerry Matteo, Spiritual Awareness Facilitator



"I am a people person and I can tell when people are authentic. Jerry is one of those people that I can trust and rely on.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jerry Matteo while visiting Esalen in January of 2006. I was very impressed with his sincerity as he spoke to me and as he listened to me. His zest and enthusiasm of his convictions was very apparent and believable. Jerry has strong values, beliefs and lessons to teach. His lessons are ones that help to bring a person into homeostasis, balance, peace and harmony. I believe that he is a person that once he meets you, you can count on him being your friend for life.

You have my personal recommendation. Jerry is the future wave of spiritual enlightenment. He is a natural teacher. I am fortunate that he came into my life. Learning, loving and living is of great interest to me and I can tell that they are Jerry's, too (and then some!). Jerry is a real person, which is a rare find. He is a jewel to share with the world."

Sandie Ann Sajner, LMT, LPN
Painesville, Ohio

"Jerry demonstrates unconditional support and commitment to personal growth. Jerry showed me his willingness to share his compassionate heart by being a non-judgmental witness, supporting me through my darkest years as I unraveled and walked through my shadows.

Jerry’s integrity has longevity all Truth does."

Genevieve Mack ~ Wholeness Practitioner & Spiritual Practitioner at Church of Religious Science
North Hollywood, CA.

"I can say so many good and wonderful things about Jerry, including the fact that he is one of the most internally gorgeous people I have known in this lifetime. Oh, to live my life in integrity, purity, inner speculation/growth, and consciousness as well as he does...!! He has been a shining star in my life!!"

Kay D. Weldon ~ Massage Practitioner

Livingston, MT.

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